We cooperate with selected manufactures to improve business solutions.  

A dedicated team of specialists is able to work with customers in order to design specific solutions, such as dedicated machine working widths, trunk configurations for the horticultural, agriculture, construction, forestry sector. 

In this store you find  a full range of rotary tillers and rotary harrows designed for use on most types of arable land, perfect for preparing seedbeds. These machines can be equipped with side skids or self-levelling rollers, depending on client needs. Inside, you can select the product most suited to the type of work, land size and type of tractor available.

Are you looking for stone crusher ?  They are also commonly found in the building sector, where stone crushers are used to develop or level rural roads, grind rubble, create fire break paths in forests, prepare parks, trekking itineraries etc. 

For horticulture sector you find a full range of multiple inter-row burying machinefixed stone burier tiller , folding stone crushers , trench wheel cuttersridgers.

Our stock in Tashkent Uzbekistan, Baku Azerbaijan , Smolensk Russia , Minsk Belarus, Cyprus is always ready for your service support , provide accessories and ensure the highest level of performance every day. 

The presence in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan , Russia, Belarus, Cyprus guarantee  top quality product delivered right on time. 

BLK-GROUP is  your partner for industrial and agriculture projects. 

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