Special offer
  • Art number TR-CASTORE
  • Manufacturer VALENTINI

Product Description

The CASTORE mulcher has been designed to meet the demands of medium-large farming companies. Thanks to the large cutting chamber, sturdy rotor with spiral tool layout and notched counterblade able to break down even the most stubborn residue, the mulching system guarantees excellent results even on difficult substrates. Perfect for mulching corn, soy, sorghum, grass, sunflowers and maintaining uncultivated land. The advantage of the folding machine is that once its parts have been closed, it can be transported by road in compliance with current regulations.

Standard Equipment

  • 3 point universal hitch (Category 2 and 3)
  • Single speed unit with free wheel 1000 rpm
  • Central fixed cardan (tractor side fork 1 3/8” Z6)
  • Side fixed cardan
  • Side belt transmission
  • Y blades
  • Hydraulic opening and closing of the bodies with 2 jacks and controlled block valves
  • Electronically balanced rotors with helical tool arrangement
  • Lower toothed counterblade
  • Bonnet can be opened for maintenance
In roller versions
  • Screw regulation of the rear rollers
  • Rear light bar for road travel
  • Manual safety bar for transport
  • CE Safety protections
  • Anti-intrusion protections for transport
  • Road footprint 2450
  • Front protective rails
  • Art number TR-CASTORE
  • Manufacturer VALENTINI
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